Category: Buffy: Edmonsville

Chapter 4 - Welcoming Committee

Buffy and her friends are living in the South Californian town of Edmonsville. They?ve finally completed work on their new house and are ready to start up new social lives and to get back into the Slaying game. This story is a remake of the first episode Just A Girl.

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Chapter 2 & 3 - A House is Not a Home, Part I and II

Buff and the Scoobies move into their new home, but they soon find they're not the only ones living there. They have to rid the house of an evil spirit before they can make it their own.

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Chapter 1 - Camp Sunnydale

After the destruction of Sunnydale, its residents are kept in a refugee camp just a little distance away from the crater. Buffy and her friends are among the last groups to be relocated. Somehow however, there bus can't get away from the crater. The Scoobies have to figure out why. This story serves as a bridge with Angel Season 5 as it explains how Lindsey and Eve got the amulet that Spike wore.

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